Flooring Distributors

When you have an urgent need for carpet, plank, sheet vinyl or carpet pad, allow us to be your prime resource. Too many times sales opportunities are lost due to inability to fill an immediate need.

Ever check stock on West Coast inventory and find that the product is not available?

Waiting for a delivery can be a challenge even of coming from southern California - what do you tell your customer?

Have you been waiting on an order and it arrives damaged?

Avoid these challenges and unnecessary costs by using our warehouse and inventory for your business.

  • No more unusable roll balances and remnants
  • Purchase materials directly from us, and we will load your installers
  • Allow us to manage inventory and take on the responsibility of shrinkage

Our goal is to augment your business with all that we have to offer, taking stress out of your day and allowing you to do what you do best - make that sale!

Call us today at 916-371-6725 or register online through our website by clicking here. You will be to set up account username and password, billing information, check available stock, place orders, and have your installers will call.